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Caldera by jcbarquet

An amazing piece. One can only imagine what the future holds for us, or any other being for that matter. This may very well be that ver...


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EDIT: And no, it does not have to be a Kirby OC, actually. Just as long as it can pass for a Star Warrior.

EDIT: It's for an animation, not just pictures.

I thought I'd refine this post into something more formal. I felt a bit pushy and non-explanatory in the original post.

I'm doing a project. A big project. Something I'm planning on working on for the next year or so. A Kirby-themed project. And this project needs an army of extras in the background.

If you have an OC, an idea for an OC, etc. etc., you just have to do one thing: show me a picture of 'em. They don't even need bios, special powers, or the like (trust me, we're not going to have time to gloss over everyone anyway). I just need a picture of them and ta da! When this project takes off, you character is guaranteed a pretty darn cool cameo. And yes, everyone is fully credited. More details at a later date.


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Just send a link to a pic of them in the comments!

It has something to do with this:

You have nothing to lose! :FeelingFree:
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Hello, hello! ~* Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF 

Well, I'm not exactly leaving the fandom, but I thought I'd take a break from the stress of work and school to speak my mind for a second, since I haven't really posted anything lately. That being said, something is going to resurface about this franchise the moment I think it's gone, like everything else, lol.

I just feel like it's time to bit a solid farewell to the Five Night's at Freddy's Fandom. I'M NOT SAYING IT'S ENDING, HEAR ME OUT. The game's have been released, the movie isn't scheduled for a while (IF it happens when everyone's forgotten it, like Angry Birds), and I feel like the initial trend has died down like every great game that's come and gone. FnaF was surely a horror game for the ages, right up there with Silent Hill and Slenderman, as a fan favorite whose name will be whispered for years to come. But it's ran it's course, and like all great things, the trend must come to an end. It will always hold a place near and dear to my heart, and has earned a place in my life as one of those fandoms that helped define who I am and how I see the world, even just a little bit. It'll be one of those fandoms that will come up in conversation when I'm 50+ years old, and make me squee like a fangirl once again. As I move on to other fandoms that I know will be short lived (like Undertale, you know that be true), Five Nights at Freddy's stands out in a magical way. Scott Cawthon, you've certainly given us a great gift. Thank you.

I thought I'd reflect on some of my favorites and why.

Gotcha! Mangle Cosplay by Art-of-KBMiller

:bulletred: Favorite Animatronic = MANGLE FnaF Icon [33] - Mangle 
It's complicated. Not only is she adorable, but she's creepy AF, and I have a weakness for that stuff. And yes I call her a she. She has lipstick and hips. She's a girl in my opinion, and while I don't normally ship, I do ship her and Foxy juuuust a little. I made a cosplay with her (seen above), the prop forever hanging in my room to protect me from the scary things in the dark while doing a bit of scaring herself. The sound she makes (which a heard on a news broadcast once as a SFX!) is significant to me, because she made the animatronics the good guys. While attacking the security guard, the sound she makes resembles a police radio. She was trying to contact the police, meaning the guard we played as in FnaF 2 might have well been a criminal. Not the Purple Guy (6th night, phone guy says 'someone used the suit', meaning the Purple Guy is dead, meaning we are NOT playing as the Purple Guy), but a criminal nonetheless. Mangle is also there for the young children. So no matter how intimidating she looks, she'll always be a sweetheart in my mind, just looking after the children with that mouth full of teeth. Love ya, Mangle! ^^

:bulletred: Favorite Game of the Franchise = FNAF 4 Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Mini Freddy - GIF Icon 
Let's take a look-see. As nostalgic as I am, the first FnaF was beat by one of it's successors: FnaF 4. In order from best to worst, it goes 4, 1, 2, 3. Here's why. 1 was decent. It's what started the franchise, after all, and was pretty well balanced. 2 just felt like fan service, but I was surprised by how well balanced it was with all those freaking animatronics. I felt like Scott just wanted to cram as many as he could into it in a creator's high, with how excited he became after FnaF 1 took off. He's a lot like me in that way. 3, unfortunately, was the worst. That doesn't mean it's not good, but compared to the others, it was lackluster. More explained in the Scariest Animatronic category. 4, however, was the golden child. It's not often I think the finale of a franchise is the best of them all, but truly it was. It was beautifully crafted and well balanced gameplay. The animatronics were scary and beautifully made. And it was the scariest of the franchise, in my opinion. Why? Because all the other games relied on luck. If you died, it was because of a random event, and thus made you frustrated. Sooner or later, the jumpscares weren't scary anymore. But 4? If you died, it's because YOU fucked up. Trigger happy players with that flashlight quickly found that they were going to have a tough time. It was intense. It was challenging, but not impossible. It had you on the edge of your seat. Hell, it made you LISTEN, and there was no escaping those scares. Plus, the Freddles were adorably creepy. FnaF 4: the Best of the Franchise.

:bulletred: Favorite Fan Spinoff = THOSE NIGHTS AT RACHAEL'S FnaF Icon - Vincent 
I had plenty of favorites, from the 3D remakes, Five Nights Flumpty's, even Five Nights at Fuckboy's. But Those Nights at R. was probably the best I had ever seen. First of all (I won't spoil anything) not many fan games incorporate Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and the way this game did it was genius. Plus, the game looked great and was well made. Give it a look.

:bulletred: Favorite Moment from Minigame Cutscenes = THE BITE OF '87 Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Fredbear -GIF 
SPOILIERS!!! (But come on, if you have not seen it already, grow up.) This was a tough one. It was between this scene and the scene where the man is caught in Springtrap, bleeding to death, as well as the scene at the end where the kid is dying and Golden Freddy is comforting him with "We'll always be your friends." While that last scene tugged at the heart strings and the Springtrap scene gave me a mixed feeling of triumph and shock, the Bite of '87 made me sick to my stomach with how unexpected it was. As someone who writes stories, I thrive on the unexpected. Expecting an outcome and getting it right is a buzzkill for me (I'm looking at YOU, Hunger Game's finale!). When the Bite happened, I literally was lost for words, and held my hands to my mouth, something I NEVER do. I wanted to puke, the scene was so shocking. With that image burned in my mind, way to go Scott. That scene took the cake for me.

:bulletred: Favorite Moment from FnaF World = WITH MY FAMILY AGAIN Fnaf World Scott Cawthon 
While I don't really count FnaF World, I enjoyed it a LOT. I loved the 4th wall antics and references to other Scott Cawthon games. The moment, however, was one of the endings that was hardest to find. It required going to deep into the matrix and running into the unescapable room with Old Man Karma (I think is his name) and the pond. By 'glitching', you can drown Freddy. After a while, you'll get a never ending cutscene of a silhouette of a man holding two kids watching TV. This is all my opinion from here on out, but I believe this scene was meant to be Scott and his sons. Now that the franchise is over, he finally has the income from the merchandising of FnaF to spend time and money with his kids again, while before he was constantly working and couldn't come up with a game lucrative enough to make a living from it. He was almost about to quit. Then, in retaliation to a comment, he made FnaF. Now, with the fans boring down on him for more content, he finds it's finally time to 'drown' Freddy. FnaF is over. This was the scene that marked the end for me... sad, yes... but it make me appreciate Scott even more, and it warmed my heart to see him finally put the franchise to rest.

The moment we've all been waiting for...
:bulletred: Scariest Animatronic = SPRINGTRAP FnaF Icon [29] - Springtrap 
Did I say his game was the worst? My bad. I guess I won't be sleeping tonight. Honestly though: his game WAS the worst. While the game itself looked amazing, even the artwork made me cringe juuuust a little. After the slew of animatronics that was FnaF 2, it shocked everything to see that 3 only had ONE character that was a true threat. Element of surprise or laziness? You decide. The phantoms were nice, but just looked like the classics with stripes painted on them. The story gave us answers on how the Purple Man died and killed the kids, but other than that, the rest of the game was just filler. Turning the thing into a horror attraction wasn't very creative. The jumpscares got old. Quick. So many things leaping at you at once eventually nulled the experience. Even Springtrap's jumpscare, compared to the others, wasn't very scary. While they leaped at you and got in your face, Springtrap just kinda walks up to you, casually. Even the camera angle made him look at little small, when in reality, he was pretty damn tall. Not scary. What IS scary, however, is Springtrap himself. Springtrap himself is the scariest mother fucker in the whole franchise. That bastard is going to haunt my nightmares FOREVER. That picture with him ripping open his mouth to expose the corpse of the Purple Man will forever be burned in my brain FOREVER. FnaF 4 had great animatronics, but they seemed to be working too hard to be scary. Looking at the other animatronics and theories, no matter what you believe, Springtrap was the Purple Man, and therefore the ONLY animatronic that was pure and intentionally evil. Something about the blood dripping from the mangled corpse forever trapped within his shell, that zombified look in his eye, and the twitch in the way he moved. Springtrap was a little masterpiece. Whenever I imagine a scary animatronic in the dark, it'll always be Springtrap. Give it up for Springtrap. My nightmares will never forget you.

Toy Chica Cosplay! by Art-of-KBMiller

Well, I guess that's it. Just a little memorial on one of my favorite fandoms in a LONG time. Many hours watching gameplay and experiencing the games myself will be memories to cherish. After all, it was one of those games that helped me face some of my worst fears, and made me stronger in the process. Once again, thank you Scott Cawthon. You truly gave us a gem here! ^^

There will be a little FnaF in all of us. Always. It's you.

It's me.

Goodbye, Five Nights at Freddy's.

And remember... you are, I am, we're all of us, the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Freddy head - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Foxy head - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Bonnie head - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Chica head - Icon GIF
Oh. My. God. "Faith's Game" creepypasta has over 10k reads on the .ORG site and 8.9 stars (over 750 votes) on the .COM site. I freaking love all you people. Thank you. <3 #creepypasta #kirbynintendo
((WARNING: This theory is what I used for the Undertale FMA Script Dump and is in no way canon. It contains original ideas from Toby Fox, with some of my own tweaks for a fake movie adaptation. It also contains some kinds of spoilers for the original script and game. It's suggested you read the FMA Script Dump for Undertale first (found in my gallery). Read at your own risk! Enjoy! ^^))





After the two boys abandoned Frisk, they retreated to the top of the mountain. They didn't know what else to do. It was like instinct.

They got into a fight. Chara yelled at the other boy for abandoning her. The other boy yells at him for always making him look insivible to her eyes. It escalated to the point where they got physical, and before long, Chara stumbled and fell down the hole. The other boy immediately felt remorse.

Once at the bottom, Chara was found by Asriel, and the rest is as expected. They were raised for a few years as brothers, until Chara got sick from the injury he sustained by falling in the first place.

The two were playing jokes on Asgore, running from him playfully, until Chara slipped and fell on his stomach. He cried louder than simply slipping would normally cause. They carry him to a bed to nurse him... The very bed where he died.

Asriel, heartbroken, used his and Chara's soul to pass through the barrier, with Chara in his arms. He wanted to return him to his family, to the humans, to be buried where he belonged. Once he arrived in town, the town had been fortified for some kind of war. The guards only saw a monster carrying a dead child. They wasted no time in gunning him down.

Asriel got away, but mortally wounded. He came back through by the ruins at night, when people were sleeping. He dropped Chara in the forest, unable to hold onto him. He trudged like a zombie back home until he reached the throne room, where he collapsed. His parents found him the next morning, a flower bed already starting to grow. His soul, filled with anger, lived on as a yellow flower... And he vowed to get revenge on all of mankind for putting him through so much turmoil.

Chara, however, woke up some time later. His body had decayed, but his soul was determined. His soul gave him a second chance. Only thing was, he couldn't remember anything. He started crying, not knowing where or who he was. Someone heard that cry.

"Child?..." Came a ghastly voice. "Child... Why do you cry, child?..."

He looks up to see a cloaked figure with a cracked eye. Despite his haunting voice, it was warm and filled with concern. The figured reached down to scoop him up, wiping away his tears. His hands were cold and expressive. He took Chara home. Little did Chara know, he was the very man that sealed the monster's fate in the first place... The one obsessed with the energy of souls. The one who nearly enslaved every soul that came into his procession.

"Can I call you Dad?" Chara asked one day.

"No." The man replied bluntly, harshly. "You may call me... Gaster..."

W. D. Gaster was working on and perfecting the substitute for soul energy when he adopted Sans and named him for his comedic antics. Sans never smiled, and was a gloomy pessimist, but Gaster found that hilarious. He treated Sans poorly. Truth be told, he only adopted Sans to study him, to figure out why his soul had given him that second chance. He never made it far. He wasn't interested in immortality. He was interested in power. After the monsters were banished, thanks to his lust, Asgore gave him the very scar over his eye in a fit of rage, something the king was not known for. Toriel found that kinda hot.

Sans never spoke up. He never smiled. He only focused on what Gaster had to teach him. Between treating him like a slave, Gaster had his moments of kindness. Gaster entrusted him with the gasterblaster, a product of his own invention, that used soul power. Only Sans had a soul powerful enough to handle it. He was incredibly gifted with magic.

In fact, Gaster found something strange about Sans. His human soul was still intact. Gaster, intrigued and lusting for that human soul, extracted it from Sans, an excruciating process. But he wasn't heartless, it seems. He kept Sans alive... Just barely. From that day forward, Sans hated him, but was still not willing to stand up to him. From that day forward... Whatever he had left in him grew stronger than anything the underground had ever seen... But wished every day that Gaster had killed him instead.

Gaster, on the other hand, used the favor to his full advantage, holding it over Sans head until the point of madness. "Don't forget... NEVER forget..."

Sans ran away for periods at a time to get away from Gaster, just for a while. Something always pulled him back. One faithful day, it payed off. He saw a human boy running through the woods. The same boy that pushed him down the hole. That very boy had kept coming back to the place of his remorse, and one careless fumble led to another. Now, seeing that boy jarred Sans memory, but not fully. He only remembers being pushed, causing him to make a deadly assumption...

"The sun is shining. The birds are singing. On days like this... Kids like you... Should be burning in hell."

He killed the boy in cold blood, and smiled for the first time in years.

He took the boy's soul back to Gaster, who was overjoyed. This, however, didn't make Sans happy like he thought it would. He wasn't sure what he was looking for exactly. It certainly wasn't Gaster's approval. Even if it was, he didn't get it. Gaster was more interested in the soul than him. The longer Sans watched him gush over that little ball of light, the more he resented even being close to him. He wanted to rub Gaster off of him like a disease. But unlike Gaster, Sans was a good man. He wanted to see the light in everything... Everything...

Sans returned to the site of the murder, but he wasn't alone. He felt the need to take a red scarf with him, one of the only processions he held from Gaster that still held a little meaning. He was glad he did. He heard it: crying. Sans had come back for the boy, who had woken up just as he once did... But different.

Sans kneeled before the boy, who cowered. Sans could only imagine how similar his silhouette looked like Gaster's, and it made him sick. So he showed the boy something he himself longed for: compassion.

"W-Who are you?" The boy asked meekly. He lost the memories of the past just as Sans did.

Sans took the scarf and wrapped the boy in it. "We are brothers..." He smiled. Not a wicked or sarcastic smile. A real smile. "And we will always be brothers... Forever..."

He took the boy home, naming him Papyrus. Gaster wasn't too happy about the new arrival, mostly because Sans had already taken his soul. Regardless, Sans was true to his word. He raised Papyrus as a brother, giving him the light Gaster never did.

Nonetheless, Gaster was determined to make use of the situation to his OWN benefit. A few more years into his research, Gaster began experimenting again. Sans came home one day to find Gaster beginning the same procedure on Papyrus... The very procedure Sans dreaded.


Sans glared at him furiously. "I think you're insane..."

It was the first time Sans ever stepped in. It was the first time Gaster realized he was losing his grip on them. Gaster punished Sans, using the dark magic trapped in his palms, making Sans remember all Gaster had done for him. It worked... For a moment. In the long run, it only stirred the flame within Sans heart.

But he never dwelled on it; he had bigger fish to fry. Shortly after, Gaster repayed his debt to the underground and finished the Core, providing the inhabitants with unlimited energy. He takes Sans and Papyrus with him to flaunt his achievement, before declaring that now nothing stands between him and further soul research. Sans by now was seeing red, feeling green, and sporting a blue eye. He thought about himself. He thought about the underground. He thought about the entire Monster race. He thought about every soul that would suffer if they managed to meet Gaster's greedy fingers. Not 'if'... 'WHEN'...

Then something else... If Papyrus had woke up without a soul, than it wasn't Sans soul that gave Sans that second chance. Did that mean, when Gaster tried to remove it... Did Gaster try to kill him that day?

As Gaster turned to look at them, perched on the edge of the Core's boiling hot abyss, he met Sans gasterblaster. Papyrus could only shield his eyes like Sans had ordered him to. Gaster was fired upon, frying him, making him stumble and sending him plunging into the lava below. So what they say is true, he fell into his own creation. He fell. He fell into the Core. He fell to his his own weapon. He fell to Sans. All of which were his creations.

Sans stood, looking down into the Core. When Papyrus joined him, Sans turned. He grinned. He laughed. "Well, if he ever complained about being unattractive, he's certainly hot now!"

He turned the souls over to Asgore, who turned Gaster's research to Alphys. Asgore never asked any questions about Gaster. He didnt much care for him, either. The King instead ordered for Sans to keep an eye out for humans. The skeleton obliged. He felt no love nor hate for humans by now, and simply wanted to help the underground escape, or some kind of excuse. Finally, he then took Papyrus to Snowdin, where they settled on the outskirts of town.

The two were free... Free to be who they truely were.


((TL : DR - For the fake movie adaptation, I made Sans and Chara the same person. This is not canon, just a curve ball I came up with to shorten time, save explanation, and give fans a new experience. Hope you like the idea.))
The Ballad of Sans (FMA Theory)
When I wrote the FMA Script Dump for Undertale, I only hinted at the theory I used in the background, mainly concerning Sans and his origin. This theory is only partially correct. I added a few things to make the script movie-friendly. It is in no way canon. I originally left it as is for people to make their own assumptions, but in case you didn't get it, here's my concrete theory, summed up right here. Enjoy.

Undertale (C) Toby Fox
Signature by Art-of-KBMiller

EDIT: And no, it does not have to be a Kirby OC, actually. Just as long as it can pass for a Star Warrior.

EDIT: It's for an animation, not just pictures.

I thought I'd refine this post into something more formal. I felt a bit pushy and non-explanatory in the original post.

I'm doing a project. A big project. Something I'm planning on working on for the next year or so. A Kirby-themed project. And this project needs an army of extras in the background.

If you have an OC, an idea for an OC, etc. etc., you just have to do one thing: show me a picture of 'em. They don't even need bios, special powers, or the like (trust me, we're not going to have time to gloss over everyone anyway). I just need a picture of them and ta da! When this project takes off, you character is guaranteed a pretty darn cool cameo. And yes, everyone is fully credited. More details at a later date.


Kirby Dance Icon Meta Knight Face Palm Emoticon 

Just send a link to a pic of them in the comments!

It has something to do with this:

You have nothing to lose! :FeelingFree:


Kristina Miller
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Welcome to the hosh posh that is my deviantID!

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:bulletpurple: Hi there! My name is K. B. Miller, but you can call me Kristina. I'm a fangirl, I'll admit. I'm not a hipster. I like what I like when I like it for my own reasons. I have a life.

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:bulletpurple: I don't specifically have a religion, but I'm no atheist. I have my own spiritual beliefs, but I accept everyone regardless of what they believe in, as long as their personality meets my moral standards. If you must know, I am classified as a Neo-Druidist.

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