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So, a random thing you may not know about me is that I'm am a Dr. Strange FAN-ADDICT. I may love Marvel, but Strange holds a special place in my heart reserved only for the greatest hero ever created. It be him. Seriously. So, here's why I love Dr. Strange, and tips for the movie, in my opinion.

Magic Wand WHY LOVE DOCTOR STRANGE?! Magic Wand 

1) He's magical. - Some people like the down-to-earth guys like Cap and Iron Man. Me? I sometimes wanna see some sparkles and a cape. (Thor bumped up a few places with that notion.)
2) His powers are not limited to specifics. - I'm not saying he's indestructible, but because he is magical, you can't exactly be caught up on that question: "What's his super power?" The answer? Anything he wants.
3) His lover just so happens to be the niece of his greatest enemy. - ... What? I had to give him points there. That's hilarious.
4) Dat cape tho. - Love his outfit. How can you not? And it's functional: that cape helps him fly.
5) He is humanity's first line of defense against paranormal threats. - Ever wonder why he wasn't in The Avengers, even though he was clearly the dangerous Sorcerer Supreme, as mentioned by Sitwell, by then? (See #1 Below) Well, maybe it's because alien invasions (right outside his door or not) aren't big enough for him to turn his attention to. Yes, he's that bad-ass. The threats he handles are the ones we don't always see, and some of them are both monumental AND undying! His main adversary Dormammu is a demon god that, quite literally, cannot be killed as long as he's being worshiped. And forget galaxies! This guy has taken over entire DIMENSIONS! He has TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of worshipers! And it's on Strange's shoulders to keep him and other mystical threats from completely destroying our universe.
6) Sometimes... he's humanity's ONLY line of defense against paranormal threats. - This guy has saved more ass than all the other heroes combined. He's single-handedly saved the entire dimension a couple times, and that includes all your favorite heroes, mind you! Thank him! Thank him now!


1) For god's sake, give him an origin story!
The number one thing I'm afraid of is that, since Strange was already established in Captain America 2, they're just gonna JUMP RIGHT INTO IT. No. Just... no. You see, what happened in that movie was that while Agent Sitwell was being interrogated, he dropped 'Stephen Strange's name as being dangerous to HYDRA. That means he's already the Sorcerer Supreme, and has BEEN the Sorcerer Supreme a while enough to be noticed. And Strange is secretive for a reason, so it must have taken a while for him to be noticed. So please, Marvel: don't just make a movie about a random sorcerer and not explain yourselves, for the sake of the newbies. I don't care is the movie is a flashback or something of the like! We need to see how he became Sorcerer Supreme, just like we've seen the origins of the other Avengers. That's what made them successful movies: explanation, where it needs to be.

2) Mention the battle of New York.
If for some ungodly reason he WASN'T Sorcerer Supreme during the battle of New York, at least have him mention it. He lives right smack in the middle of the city, anyway, as does the Sanctum Sanctorum. If he was Sorcerer, please explain why he didn't lend a hand. Was it not his problem? Very likely... Was he faithful the Avengers could do it? Maybe... Was he occupied somewhere else? MOST LIKELY. Just give us some kind of clue there, tying the Strange movie to the Avenger's to boot.

3) Don't change the outfit. Accessorize it.
Taking a look at the other heroes so far, the more spangly costumes still kept there charm. They just added a little more real-world finesse to it. Cap looks more warlike, but still has the stars and stripes. Thor still cameo-ed his ridiculous helmet, while Loki still flaunted his. Falcon and Hawkeye got a makeover to make them look more like agents and not circus performers. All in all, all received what seemed to be more functional, armor-like suits (not including Black Widow, who doesn't need armor, being a spy). The picture at the top of this journal is a beautiful example of what they can do: don't take away his image, but give it new life. So, as Cap said: SUIT UP!

4) Probably shouldn't start off with Dormammu... but let his presence be known...
For the Sorcerer's first flight, we may want to start off a little smaller than Dormammu. It'd be fine for a one-time movie, but not if he's going to be reoccurring. The idea so far for Marvel has been to give the audience something cool, then completely knock their socks off the next time around! I'd probably start off with a creature like Set or Shuma-Gorath, who is similar to Dormammu but more low-brow. It'd probably be good to throw in Orini as well. He's a good lacky to connect to Dormammu and his sister, Umar. And I'd love to see that mask redone on the big screen. Finally, they SHOULD add a little Dormammu cameo somewhere. Being Strange's arch enemy, he's pretty damn important, and we need to see some indication, just like Thanos.

5) Link him to S.H.I.E.L.D., new or old, directly or by mention.
Though he's his own one-man band, Strange needs some kind of ties with the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. (still a pain to type) if he is to show up in later crossovers. My suggestion would be to throw DIRECTOR Coulson in there somewhere, as he tries to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D. from the ground up. Nick Fury probably isn't going to show back up in a while, as he's laying low. Just mention S.H.I.E.L.D. in there somewhere at least, either now or in the future.

6) Stan Lee. Yes.
You've done good so far, Stan! Keep up them cameos!

7) Don't throw Clea in just yet. If you do, keep her shrouded in mystery.
Clea (Strange's girlfriend) is the niece of Dormammu, as I said before. People don't need to know this right away. I suggest bringing his love interest slowly, and focus on his origin more than anything else to begin with. Besides, once we get to know her later on, it'll be more of a shock to learn her... family situation...

8) Grab inspiration from that amazing animated film.
They actually made an animated Doctor Strange film that can be found on Netflix (GIVE IT A WATCH! ^^). It was a smart, beautifully animated film with only one complaint: the ending was a bit anti-climatic. Everything till then was amazing, from the music to the concepts to-... EVERYTHING. And it summed stuff up for beginners pretty well. I highly recommend, above all else, to keep that theme song from this movie. It's iconic, fitting, and beautiful. Every good movie needs memorable music.

9) Dignity is a virtue...
Please... Strange has a dark past and even darker future. The guy deserves some respect. Please don't embarrass us fans: keep him awesome... AND PLEASE, KEEP THE WHIMSY WORDS TO A MINIMUM. Even some of us who love him find the Bolts of Bathakk and the Sword of Swindleman and Back-Handed-Slap of Bartholomew a bit ridiculous. Use this concept sparingly.

10) Finally: keep it light.
Okay, forget number nine for a moment. Good Marvel films, no matter how serious, still have a tad of humor in it somewhere. He may be Sorcerer Supreme, but he's not a cold iron wall.


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Kristina Miller
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
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MY POLICY ON COMMISSIONS AND REQUESTS - I don't have any points, and I don't plan to get any. I'll do both 2D and 3D requests for free for anyone, but unless you do my request for free, I'm not paying anyone points. I understand some of you make a bit of a living in paid points, but I just can't pay. If your one of those people, let me know and I'll leave you alone. I'm not one of those haggle people who bug for free stuff.

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Hi there! My name is K. B. Miller, but you can call me Kristina. I am a huge Star Wars and Kirby nut, resently falling in love with the Avengers and Marvel. I'm a bit of a geek/nerd, but don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm not like some of those jerks out there. ^^ I hope to make a living in Animation, Movie Directing and Writing, and Graphic Arts. With these, I hope to span out and stretch my abilities so as not to focus on one thing. I don't specifically have a religion, but I'm no atheist. I believe in the Aura, a power that spans around us and through us. I also love animals and more cartoony things, so don't be surprised by all the simple stuff I draw or model. I'm not too good at draw people, but I'm getting better! ^^

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